Social Responsibility

Creative brains club is a student club I founded in September 2014 with the purpose of attracting the fifth grade students to natural sciences experience. In this club, I aim to conduct various experiments with the participants as well as creating the opportunity for them to conduct studies in their areas of interest. I pay special attention to using materials that can easily be acquired in daily life but are not hazardous such as dry ice.

Toçev is a non-governmental organization that gives moral and material support throughout their educational lives to children that want to go to school but can’t due to the financial incapability of their families. TOÇEV has the motto that “Getting an education is every child’s right” and accepts each child as an individual, works continuously to make them knowledgeable, harmonious, productive and a part of the social life and integrates them into society. I am participating in various activities of TOÇEV since June 2015 as a volunteer. Since the first day I participated in Toçev, I am showing all possible effort to motivate many children that have not been able to get the education and they deserve because of various inequalities of opportunity.


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