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BegumhanKitapENG“An American Brand with Turkish Operators In China” tells my experiences during my summer training at Burger King China, a subsidiary of Ata Group in the People’s Republic of China, during June & July 2014, my observations and of course the processes that allowed my training to be completed. And in the continuing sections of my book, I told my experiences during my trip to Miami, where Burger King’s center worldwide is located.

My book starts with my memories of a birthday celebration with my friends at school on Monday. And the most exciting and -as I would understand- the most meaningful gift from my father during the birthday celebrations with family at home in the evening marks the starting point for the events in my book: a plane ticket to China. And the rest is about my training throughout China and what this long trip, which I spent with my father mostly, taught me. “An American Brand with Turkish Operators In China” basically tells all that took place after 31st of March 2014, my sixteenth birthday, including my one-week trip to Miami in February 2015.

Besides the main theme, the events included in the book constitute the reason for the next event in a chain. My trip to China that started with the birthday gift that I receive from my father on my sixteenth birthday and all that I learned from my father during my trip, also the summer training that I completed then and my visit to the Burger King’s head office in Miami are all directly related to each other.

The book has mostly has some side characters -like the people I interviewed at the restaurants- rather than main characters; and opinions and information about them. Besides that, of course you can find me, my father Korhan Kurdoğlu and Xu Can, who befriended me and helped me with translations in China.

An American Brand with Turkish Operators In China has an informative content on Chinese culture, cuisine, the daily lives of the Chinese people, geography of the country and current economic and demographic status in addition to my experiences during my summer training. And, in contrast to any travel or memoir book, my trip to China and the three-week summer training there is a summary of my step by step invention of our family vision inherited by my father from my grandfather and learned by myself from my father.

Please click here to view the final draft of my book.

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