BurgerKingStajBurger King China, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China / June 2014

  • Supervisor Li Xiao, General Manager
  • Joined the family-owned business trip to the premises and franchises of Burger King China
  • Attended business meetings as an observant to further develop business activities in the region
  • Kept a journal of surveys and observations, and in the process of writing a report/book about the current activities and future plans for Burger King China in of the cities Shanghai, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Foshan and Hong Kong

Notes of the training at Burger King China

I had my internship at Burger King China during the summer of 2014 for 3 weeks . During my internship, I visited many restaurants that are located at Burger King China’s four important operational focus zones: Shanghai, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang and Guangzhou. During these visits, I conducted interviews with customers and established a SWOT analysis about Burger King China’s product positioning in terms of product image, targeting young generation of customers and menu composition. I have made recommendations some of which are applied by the executive of Burger King China.





Ata Invest, Istanbul, Turkey / July 2013 AtaYatirimStaj

  • Supervisor: Dilek Gulensoy, Vice President
  • Received training and performed observation at Central Branch, Futures Desk, Research Team and Online Transaction
  • Bloomberg gibi finans programlarının nasıl kullanıldıklarını öğrendim.
  • Assisted the research team members during their forecasting activities and also helped customer relations team with handling online transactions
  • Observed the activities in Web Development and Content Management departments

Notes of the training at Ata Invest

Ata Invest internship was my first professional experience as a future finance professional. I received very valuable trainings regarding softwares which are used in finance and economics in terms of forecasting and financial valuation. I believe I have learned the fundamentals of finance and economics with this internship. For example, I assisted the research team regarding their forecasting project.






Reklam USSU Advertising Agency, Istanbul, Turkey / July – August 2013

  • Supervisor: Umit Zuvin, General Manager
  • Received training at the Local and Digital Marketing, Design and Brand Management Departments
  • Participated in brand and image studies in the digital and local store marketing activities
  • Attended social media monitoring, communication planning, digital poster and menu board broadcast planning
  • Assisted the marketing campaigns of Desert and Vialand, including all the steps of developing the implementation of the campaign, break-even analysis, campaign, product, price & cost calculations, legal approvals, POP design and printing activities


Notes of the Raining at Reklam Üssü

My training that took place at Reklam Üssü firm between 30th July – 05th August 2013 helped me gain much experience in marketing. Established in 2007, Reklam Üssü is an advertising agency producing marketing, public relations and CRM consulting and production services as well as digital media solutions.

Throughout my training, I worked at the local and digital marketing, design and trademark management departments. I was actively involved in determining the marketing strategies, product cost efforts and every stage of the campaign process. I also completed a campaign that was managed entirely by myself and a project for campaign.

Reklam Üssü StajIn addition to the dessert campaign, I designed Vialand ypa work based subject to my own discretion entirely as my training period coincided with the opening of Vialand and I submitted it to Ümit Zuvin, Reklam Üssü Director. The project was found eligible and I was asked to further elaborate it. So, I created the following project plan.

Magic Campaign

Purpose of the Campaign:
Enhancing sales at the restaurant, making kids menus more attractive

Campaign Mechanism:
Five people to purchase a Kids Menu and to enter into and win the lottery with the accompanying codes visit Vialand, and with two adult family members if they are aged under 18.

Campaign Process:

1) The customer visits the restaurant and buys a Kids Menu,
2) With the purchase of the Kids Menu at the cash register, the connected POS device prints a code,
3) The code received is integrated into the cash registers at Vialand,
4) When the customer visits Vialand with the code received accompanying the Kids Menu, the customer is entitled to a discount or free entrance.

After the campaign:

1)Vialand will be visited and many photos will be taken and shared in social media; thus we will both encourage people to participate and advertise ourselves.

2)Also, a video will be taken and then will be made a clip and will be shared in the social media.

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