About Me

    • I am lucky to have been born in Istanbul, one of the most dynamic, cosmopolitan and culturally vibrant cities in the world.
    • At middle and high school, I had the opportunity to learn foreign languages, and broaden my worldviews. From scientific projects to business trips to China, from playing the piano to tutoring to young children; I diversified the first eighteen years of my life with interesting and fulfilling activities.
    • The more I engaged in life, the more I realized that there is so much more to do.
    • I am curious.
    • I am passionate.
    • I am inquisitive.
    • I am a traveller
    • I am on a continuous journey of self-development.
    • I want to see more of this world, get to know people from diverse cultures.
    • I want to live happily.
    • Happiness grows when we divide. Knowledge grows when we share. Awareness is the key to a meaningful life.

That is the sole reason why I have my own web site. I want to know the opinions, feelings and experiences of everyone who visits my pages :)



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